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Dec 1, 2006
  1. Hi. I'm new here. Anyway, I don't know what to do about my computer. I'm a semi computer person, so I know some things.

    Here's the story...I recently added an extra hard drive to my computer for storage. I followed the directions given. I don't think I set the pin correctly on the master. Anyway, everything worked fine, then all of a sudden I was trying to use this music presentation disc and it froze and wouldn't open the disc at all. Then I restarted the computer. Now it won't start at all. It will power down if I hold the button; and it will start up. But it won't go pass the compac screen. It won'y go into setup. It won't go into safe mode. I have tried going in and making sure everything is seated. My hard drive works in someone else's computer. I don't think it's the power supply because the fans work and it powers up and powers down fine. Any suggestions? Is it possibly the motherboard or CPU? If so, should I just get a new computer and not bother trying to fix it?

    Compac Presario 5100nx
    80 GB hard drive
    256 RAM
    Windows XP
  2. IPEX computing

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    IPEX Computing - Computer wont start

    Try jumping the motherboard and see what you get.

    Remove the new hard drive and then unplgu the following
    * Any CD / DVD drives
    * Any PCI cards
    * if you have on board Graphics then remove the graphics card if you have one.
    * Any floppy drives or other drives such as a card reader.

    Once you have done this you should only have the folloing plugged in:
    * Power Supply
    * CPU
    * Mouse and keyboard
    * Monitor
    * Graphics card if you dont have on board graphics.

    Once eveything is plugged in press the on button. IF the CPU and the motherboard are wokring then you should get the startup screen of the computer whn you turn it on and you might even get a disk boot error as you wont have an OS in there. If you do get this then the most likely cause is either the New Hard Drive or the old one.

    Plus check the speifications of the program against what your computer has.
    any problems please e-mail

  3. Tedster

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    read the NO POST guide in the Guides forum.
  4. Cully455

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    Thanks. I tried it and got the disk boot error. I'm going to make sure my hard drive is configured correctly and see what happens.
  5. Cully455

    Cully455 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks. It is working now I changed the power connection on the hard drive.I don't know if that helped in some way, but it is working now.
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