Computer Wont Stay On

By Smartmike ยท 4 replies
Dec 6, 2007
  1. Hello, last night I was on my computer and it just shut off. I think thats because I push some wires under my desk by streching my feet. I turn it back on then it shuts off almost emidetly. I reconected every thing but still wont stay on. Could it be a bad PSU?
  2. turbo1

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    you have'nt replied to raybay's question about the beeps in your system from your previous thread & you made new your computer still in the same status particularly keeps shutting down & those beeps?
  3. Smartmike

    Smartmike TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 49

    It doesnt beep anymore it just keeps shuting off. I want to know if the PSU is the promblem or not.

    HD_START TS Rookie

    Keep the system turn off for 30 mins and turn on again. Check if it stills keep shutting it down immediately. If it does not shut down but run for a while and shutting down again. It is possible due to overheating, and the system may due for dust cleaning.
  5. Smartmike

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    I fixed it

    Hello again, I fixed the problem I bought a new PSU(Power Supply Unit) and my computer stays on now. I busted the other one by snagging the cord with my shoe. I hope this info will help anyone with a similar problem. Thanks for your help.
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