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Dec 30, 2005
  1. I just opened my computer to try and install a new hard drive, I put it in and when I tried to turn it back on the fan spun for like 1 second or two but then it wouldn't turn back on. I then had to go somewhere and left the computer unplugged from everything. I came back and tried to turn it on again and the same thing happened, and everytime I try to turn it on nothing happens. :( Can anyone help me please? I was just using the computer this morning and now it doesn't want to work... any help is appreciated
  2. DragonFury

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    well u can see if you have a short . or maybe disconnect a cdrom or two . and try it that way . clean it up recheck the cpu hsf and make sure it is clean and well seated .
  3. steverthebeaver

    steverthebeaver TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yeah i think it has something to do with the fan but im not entirely sure since I was using it like an hour before I opened it, but i'm going to try to do what you said right now
  4. steverthebeaver

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    nope, that didn't work...

    might be the power supply, how can you tell if it works or not?
  5. mailpup

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    Assuming this not a SATA hard drive, did you install the new hard drive on the same IDE channel as the existing hard drive? Or if not, is there any other device on the same channel such as an optical drive? In either case, did you set the jumpers on the back of the devices to the proper master/slave configuration?
  6. steverthebeaver

    steverthebeaver TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yeah I set the jumpers right, but even without the new hard drive it doesn't want to work
  7. steverthebeaver

    steverthebeaver TS Rookie Topic Starter


    it was the psu and the old hard drive, the psu was burnt and with new psu hard drive kept it from booting thx everyone
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