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Apr 11, 2007
  1. Hi,
    I had just installed a liquid cooling system on my computer. I checked it after a couple of hours and found that one of the connections wasnt water tight and there was a couple of drips on the graphics card. I took ou the LCS, the GPU and dried it out. It was all working fine then. I then proceeded to use my new computer and cracked vista with a timer stop crack. The os then downloaded updates and asked to restart which I allowed. However, when the computer restarted it would come on for about 2 seconds then turn off and do this again. This happened every time I turned the system on.
    I stripped it down and checked the motherboard and processor, both seemed ok. I turned it on and it was coming back on so 1 by 1 I put the Ram, HDD etc etc back in. Everything seemed to be ok. I moved it back up to my computer room to check everything was really back working. BUT, when I started it up it wasn't POSTing again and there was a strange noise coming from it, like the hard drive spinning up, however the computer didn't turn off. There was no POST and when I plugged in the monitor and it wasn't picking it up. Can any1 advise me on what component's could be causing this or if the LCS dripping on my graphics card could break my mobo? All the capatitors on the mobo seem fine.
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    water and electronics don't mix. That's why i don't recommend water-cooling. This is the risk you take. Some of your components have most likely shorted out. You will have to replace and swap out components until you have found the one(s) that have failed. good luck.
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    You did buy your copy,didn`t you ?
  4. kevmo

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    no i didn't. im no thief
  5. kevmo

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    Thank you for your help
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