Condenser mic picking up music/audio coming from my studio headphones

Hey there! ive been having this problem for the longest time now since I have bought an apex435b condenser mic and an art mic/headphone interface. The problem is when I plug my studio headphones into my interface where my mic is also plugged in I can hear myself in my headphones which is normal for the playback for you to hear yourself. The fact here is when I go to record music instead of it recording in two audio files as in the instrumental and my voice it picks the music and everything up in one file. maybe the picture I attach will give a better look on whats going on. the first picture is from my sound panel and the second is to show my mic lighting up with the desktop audio where I am not talking at all. the third is what it looks like when I record on audacity, the backround noise you see is the music I am listening to on youtube and the little spike you also see in the middle is me saying hello. If anyone has any idea on what might help me please let me know. its very annoying when I need to record music but cant have any realtime voice play back.


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A condenser mic is a high quality device and will pickup ambient sounds. Turn the sensitivity down, turn off the desktop speakers and listen via the headset.
The gain is at about half and this only ever happens when I plug my studio headphone into the monitor output. never when I have a different pair of headphones connected directly into my tower.


That's good to hear -- it shows that the pickup is from the mic & the ambient sound in the room. Learn to use the headset :)
I just wanna know if there is a fix to the monitor output so I can hear my voice aswell but dont have that problem with other people hearing the desktop sound