Conexant HSF V92 56K Rtad (internal).

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Sep 23, 2002
  1. Hello!
    I am using a modem called: Conexant HSF V92 56K Rtad (internal).
    Is this a good modem? Ive never heard about it before. I got it with my new computer.

    I am playing online games a lot (counter-strike). And I wonder witch is the best settings for this modem. Ive normally get about 250-420 ping on a Swedish server I am swede.

    Shall i use error Control? Compression? V.92 ?? I dont know anything so if someone know witch settings is best for online gaming help will be appreciated. I read somewhere that using small ip packets would help but I cant find where to adjust that in XP!
    And something that is annoying is When you run into a room filled with people on cs the ping goes up to 420 or more. And sometimes I get Warning connection problem and Cl_FlushEnitypacket errors. Sometimes it feels like playing on my 28.8k external modem would be better!!!!
    Other specs:
    P4 2.0Ghz

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  2. Tweakster

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    IF your in UK your my server is there, your welcome to join and see what sorta ping your getting. If u can afford it, ADSL or cable are the way to go ADSL uses standard phone line i think. UK Wu-Xia |
  3. dakne

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    Well ive tried to get ADSL ofcourse, but I cant get it , and I am fro sweden and always play on swedish servers.

    But my ping is always 240 - 400.

    Even when ive played with only one person! (on a swedish server.)
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    ok try for windows settings

    Counterstrike setting:

    A bad modem isnt gonna give u good ping i had to buy mine also as i had a software at first but i got 1000 ping.

    First, r_netgraph 1 is all you really need for tweaking cl_rate, uprate, and pushlatency:

    "Green represents lag. The higher the green lines go, it shows how long data packets get to your PC. You actually want short green lines. Red represents data lost/data dropped. You do not want red lines. If you get too much of these, you'll see opponents skipping around. Yellow represents too much data for your connection. You need to raise your cl_rate xxxx to see if you can eliminate the yellow lines. Other than that, you have a limited bandwidth connection. Blue means corrupted data. To turn off the net graph, type in this: r_netgraph 0."

    But u might find that Your modem is software which means windows does all the work whereas a hardware modem has an on board chip which does the incoding decoding.
    50 Quid+ is going to be Hardware but ask before u buy.

    I have Hayes Accura 56k v92 PCI modem and im getting a 130 ping in CS.
  5. dakne

    dakne TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Having trouble understanding plz take a look at my graph,,,:confused: :grinthumb

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  6. Tweakster

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    Says that the chipset (the bit that does the modem type stuff) is

    "a single-chip PCI software-modem (controllerless, aka Win Modem). " this means that your processer is doing the work for the modem this will affect ya ping and gamer performance. A hardware modem has a processer which does the work leaving ya processer free to do all gaming stuff.

    U do need a new modem to play Counterstrike (if u want a 150 ping or better ping) with but general Web browsing the modem u have is ok.

    Heres what mine looks like.
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