Configuring WinProxy ?

By Cucumber
Mar 17, 2002
  1. WinProxy???????

    Does anyone have any idea how to configure Winproxy properly, i got the internet working over the network, but i cant get any internet applications to work via the network e.g. Wolfenstein, CStrike!
  2. Mac_Bug

    Mac_Bug TS Rookie Posts: 57

    Having no experiences in this so I'm just going to take a stab in the dark.

    Since you use a software proxy to share the net, you probably only have one IP to the world. That means pretty much you can't play same online game on both machines at same time. If you can't get CS or other games to work period on the machine that is behind the proxy, you might wish to check your configuration about whether or not the ports these games require are being blocked, or whether there is an option to configure for proxy/firewall in the game itself.

    Since internet clearly works, I presume the software can take care of requests and pass it off as internet request then relay it to the second computer just as it would any normal webpages if configured properly.

    But I'm really just shooting my mouth off here. These kind of questions are best asked at the source
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