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Conflicting local networks

By senavis
Jan 18, 2006
  1. hi all...first of all thanks for this excellent forum...

    this is my first post in this forum..actually i have spent a lot of times in the web for this problem and couldn't find a perfect solution for this....the problem purely deals with networking...although this may seem to be silly for some but not for me...

    i have two systems directly connected to each other using the ethernet cable in my home...at first the networking was very good..lots of games and file sharing...my networking ip addresses are
    lan configuration:
    comp1: ip: subnet mask: Gateway:
    comp2: ip: subnet mask: Gateway:

    everything was fine with the intranet until i got a adsl modem for the internet on one system..it was a 256k broadband connection...i used a usb to connect the 1st system to the adsl modem and used a "Always on" connection...i found that the connection was based on "PPPoE"...and here comes the problem..the adsl modem's default address is "" to access the modem configurations...so i need to use that to my modem and when i connect the 1st system with modem alone without the lan(lan disabled or unplugged) i can access the internet but if i enable the lan along with the modem on i can't able to access the internet..but it shows that it is connected.. only lan is possible at a time...

    the network configuration in the 1st system actually shows two lan connections separately....one my intranet and other internet..

    my 2nd lan connection(internet) configuration is:
    ip : subnet mask: gateway:

    i m sure that there is a conflict between the two lan configurations(ip address and the gateways) so i changed on both the lan connection separately and simultaneously with many different ip's and gateways(10.x.x.x and 172.x.x.x and also may 192.x.x.x)..but couldn't do anything..actually i dont wont to share the internet connection with two systems but need the intranet for the two systems and internet for the first system alone..

    so i could finally work either with only one at a time...is there a solution for this conflict..sorry for this big description puke: since i need to make a clear picture of my problem..

    thanks...ur support and comments are welcomed
  2. TypeX45

    TypeX45 TS Rookie Posts: 144

    try this

    Well me and my fellow co worker have came up with the idea to just buy another nic or get a switch if you don't mind the internet on both computers. But you don't so go with the nic because the usb doesn't follow the same rules as a nic. Aslo let the modem do its dhcp or modem) nic(internet) and configure the other nic(intranet) with a higher network like and the interer computer and the gateway
    That should solve it.
  3. senavis

    senavis TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 25

    surely i will try it soon and post the report...

  4. senavis

    senavis TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 25

    hurray this forum rocks...i got my intranet and internet working thanks guys....
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