confused about my Amd64 3500+

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Feb 18, 2006
  1. Dear frens, ive a 939 amd64 3500+, bfg7899gt, 1gb Corsiar dual channel on an asus a8ne mb.
    My prob is i cannot identify what family my cpu is (eg winchester, clawhammer, venice etc etc). In cpuz and crystal cpuid the codename is blank. Brand id is 4. Family, ext family, model is F, stepping is 2, ext model is 3F. L1 data and L1 code is 64 kb. L2 is 512 kb. L3 is blank.
    Another prob is whenever i try 2 oc by 108% and 110% thru the software AI Booster provided by ASUS, my system hangs, restarts and displays "Phoenix technologies" and everything stops. i have 2 reset the bios thru the bios or the mb jumpers and it boots normally. Cool and Quiet is disabled. Note: My cooling is quiet effective, airy cabinet, Arctic silvered, 7 case fans though the heatsink is stock.
    And in 3dmark05 pro default my score is 7368. Is it ok? And when the cpu tests in 3d05 starts my frame rates are 1 and 2fps, not more. Is it normal? Is my Cpu defective? Pliz help!!!!
    And can any1 suggest how to oc my cpu considering my system specs?
  2. maheswar2006

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    Sorry vid card is 7800gt not 7799gt.
  3. JMMD

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    Do you have the model # from the box or packaging. That's the easiest way to look it up. When you say OC 110%, do you mean it's OC 10%? 100% overclock would be over 4Gz.
  4. maheswar2006

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    AMD64 doubts

    yea got the box but nothing close 2 what m looking 4. amd athlon64 3500+, 64 kb cache operating at 2200 mhz.dunno where 2 look 4 the serial no.
  5. maheswar2006

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    when i use asus ai booster the overclock says 103 105 108 110 percent.
    but we all know its just 10 percent. 110 percent is ridiculus. lol
  6. Mictlantecuhtli

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    You can check the model from OPN number from here.

    I'd say it's a Venice CPU since it has 512 kB L2.
  7. CrossFire851

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  8. DonNagual

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    I wouldn't recommend using that AI booster software. I have had nothing but headaches with it. Random lock-ups etc. If you are going to overclock, do it manually. That's my suggestion. :grinthumb
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