connect VCR to PC

By saygi
Mar 6, 2005
  1. Hi, I want to connect my VCR to my PC and I have no idea of how to do this my PC's graphic card is "ATI X850 Platinum Edition", and its was supplied with dell it did not come with any cables or any other stuffs, all build-in just the installation cd's and etc...

    And here are the specs of my card:

    Display Support
    VGA : Yes
    DVI : Yes
    Dual Monitor Display : Dual DVI-I
    YPrPb Out for HDTV : Yes
    S-Video Out : Yes
    Composite Out : Yes

    Multimedia Support
    S-Video In : Yes
    Composite In : Yes
    TV Tuner : No
    FM Tuner : No
    DTV Tuner : No
    Remote Control Included : No
    EAZYLOOK : Yes
    Audio Out : No
    S/PDIF Out : No

    I was searching the web of how to do this they told me I need to buy a "SCART to S-VHS and 2 x Phono Plugs with In/Out Switch"


    I dont now if this will work or not, because I got no idea

    and I dont now what cables do I need and what are they called

    thanks, alot
  2. The Best Alias

    The Best Alias TS Rookie Posts: 113

    If in fact you really do have a composite video input, all you should need is some cables to run between the PC and the VCR. Composite video is marked yellow, you'll need one of these cables. You'll also need audio cables too. Your next obsticle will be software.

    I have never seen a Dell that came with a video input. I do know for sure they offer that as an extra, but it isn't a standard thang. Composite video OUT is common on Dells, but not inputs....that's like a really big difference ya know. Verify that your PC does in fact have have capture hardware. If not, you either need to get a USB capture device (the fast easy.. completely external approach) or replace your grapics card with one that does have video in (not the fast easy approach but the better of the 2).
  3. evert

    evert TS Rookie

    vcr to pc software

    Also please could you advise me which display software can i use to actually see the VCR on my PC. I have plugged everything in and cant see anything till i use some software i guess.


  4. kol_indian

    kol_indian TS Rookie Posts: 316

    u can use the software that comes with TVtuner card or the card u r using also ucan try Dr.Divx it is very cool features and compression and quality is good. :grinthumb
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