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Mar 7, 2005
  1. can i connect my vcr to my pc with a s-video cable?
    my pc card is a geforce fx5200.
    if not what would i need?
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  3. mrcrash

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    thanks for the info

    what i can tell its gonna cost a few quid!
    i've had a look around and would it be better to copy the vhs tape onto my camcorder then link up to my pc... i-link and firewire?
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    sorry,but i dont think so,if the vhs tapes are copied to a camcorder and then link to the pc would first of all degrade quality from going to analog to digital and then transferring to pc.two this would be more expensive than a capture card first of all a camcorder would be the first requirement provided he has one lying around,then the firewire/ilink port,then cables to connect all of them and the most expensive transferring uncompressed video to a pc,it could easily require more than a 100 gb for an hour+ also not to mention the pain of getting it all to finally work well.the best possible solution is would be to get a capture card,all cables are included you can connect a svhs source to the card directly and start recording.the only question is which card do you want with or without a tuner to capture/record from cable directly.if with a tuner look for a hauppauge (wintv) pvr 150 for about 70$ it has hardware mpeg2 decoding so it wont stress your system and convert/compresses in good quality on the fly,so you dont need a lot of space 2-3gb for an hour if you want one without a tuner look for a plextor pvr.
  5. mrcrash

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    thanks for the time you took to explain :)
    I think i'll go down the capture card route.
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