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Connecting asus spdif module to asus p4b mobo

By karmstrong ยท 8 replies
Feb 9, 2005
  1. Connecting asus spdif module to asus p4b mobo

    sorry i also posted this in the audio section but maybe this is a better place to post it


    ok went out and bought an asus spdif out module for my puter - the mobo has spdif 6 pin connector on board

    problem is module only has 3 pin connector

    anyone know how to connect

    module has pins 1,2,& 3 says 1& 2 for green header (ac97) and 2&3 for black header pci audio

    mobo has spidf out +5v spdif in
    ground ground

    on the 6 pin connector (1 pin missing)

    do i connect spdif out & ground or spdif out & +5v?? don't want to fry the module

    Thanks 4 your help
  2. soulofarobot

    soulofarobot TS Rookie

    same problem with a7n8x deluxe

    hello karmstrong, i just got my spdif out module today (optical & co-ax) and have the same problem with my a7n8x deluxe. 5 pin socket on the board, three on the module. i suppose we need a different module? if anyone has any suggestions, i'd be very much obliged...
  3. rcarson

    rcarson TS Rookie

    on your mobos you will have two pins that are for spdif-out and ground. You want to make a cable to connect the mobo connections to the module using spdif-out and ground. Your module should be like this, pin 1 = 5v, pin 2 = blank, pin 3 = data pin 4 = ground. connect pin 2 on the mobo to pin 3 on the module, connect pin 1 on the mobo to pin 4 on the module, and if necassery connect pin 4 on the mobo to pin 1 on the module. I believe that the module uses some amplification so you may need to connect the 5v pins together. Hope this helps!
  4. AntiKnown

    AntiKnown TS Rookie

    Where did you find it?

    I also have an asus mobo "a7n8x-vm 400", and want to use surround sound abilities, but I can't find where to buy the asus spdif module where did you get yours? I've been looking forever.
  5. rcarson

    rcarson TS Rookie

    I got my module from a friend, but you don't need to have the module to use SPDIF-IN or SPDIF-OUT. All you need to know is where the pins are and which pins are data and ground. SPDIF only uses two connections. When I first wanted to use SPDIF-IN for connecting my Xbox's digital output to my computer I just created a cable with a RCA connecter that I spliced onto a 3 pin molex connector. I then just plugged it into the right spot on the mobo and I had digital input. Output works the same too, all you need to know is what pins are for data and what pins are for ground, then make the cable you need.
  6. karmstrong

    karmstrong TS Rookie Topic Starter


    RCarson - thanks for you help - i had taken the punt over the weekend and connected Spdif & ground (out) to the modules pin 3& 4 - and it worked - now i just need to work out how to get passthrough so i can get Dolby Digital into my receiver

    Antiknown - I found my module through a supplier called Eyo www.eyo.com.au


    This is in Australia - Don't know where u r

    Hope it helps
  7. soulofarobot

    soulofarobot TS Rookie

    thanks from me too

    rcarson, thanks very much for your good advice (both on this post and on the other one, https://www.techspot.com/vb/topic19363.html). i modified the cable as you advised, which it was a lot easier than i expected. simply sliced up the pin head from the module cable into indvidual connectors and then fitted them onto the corresponding pins as you explained. crude, but effective; at last, i have digital surround sound. thanks!
  8. AntiKnown

    AntiKnown TS Rookie

    thanks guys

    I am in US and dont really think its worth the cost for the module, but thanks for the link at least now i know it exists. I guess i'll go with rcarson's method, i was just tryin to avoid even more hacked hardware to my increasing pile of makshift stuff. thanks again for help.
  9. karmstrong

    karmstrong TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hacked up hardware

    Yes i'm sure the workaround is fine - but i wanted an optical connection not coax. Anyway no i'm just struggling with the passthrough so pc doesn't decode the signal down to stereo - i want my dolby digital!!!

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