Connecting D-Link wireless to vonage linksys...

By twtcash
Feb 16, 2007
  1. Wireless was working great for me until one day it just dropped dead and I couldnt get it to come back.

    I tried to push the reset button on my wireless router and may have messed up my configurations so I am having to start all over setting this up and I dont remember how I did it before....

    The setup that worked before was... cable modem-->vonage linksys--->d-link wireless

    I think I was using the wireless router as a switch??

    I have gone back to the manual for d-link and it says to type in

    but when I do, nothing comes up...

    Is this even th eright place to start???


    I guess the crux of my problem right now is that when i type in as instructed by the d-link manual nothing comes up so I can configure it.

    However, when I type in I get the admin page for my linksys/vonage router.

    What exactly do I have to do so I can access the admin for my wireless router??

    What do I need to do to make it act as a "switch"?

  2. gavinseabrook

    gavinseabrook TS Rookie Posts: 320

    Well to access your wireless you have to set your address to the same address as your router. Your linksys is giving you a Address, and your d-link a So here is what you do. Go to Start>Control Panel>Network Connections. Right click your connection (wireless or hardwired..whatever your using) and select properties. Select TCP/IP in the list and hit properties. Set it to Manual and place the following numbers.

    IP Address:
    Subnet (auto):

    And leave DNS Blank.

    Now go to your internet explorer and in the address bar type //
    This will let you access your wireless. Manually set the wireless routers address. Set it to something like Then go back to the TCP/IP Properties and set it to Automatically Obtain. This way you should be able to connect to the linksys and the d-link. Good Luck and report back.
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