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May 27, 2004
  1. a friend of mine is planning on throwing a sort of LAN party on his incomming birthday, he wants to connect about 16 computers together. the problem is that no one has a router that big. So we were wondering how we can connect multiple routers together, or if there is another, better solution?

    thanks for any help
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    Usually you can piggy back routers together using the last port (4th port in a 4-port router or 8th port in an 8 port router).

    Depends on which type of router you have, but usually piggy backing is doable.
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    Yeah, you just plug a router into another router - thats what we do at every lan. I bring a router, the host has a router, and another friend brings one, all of which are four ports.

    Only down side is they all but the first turn into 3 ports :-\
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    Don't use routers! It will be helluva expensive and complicated and a performance issue and probably a lot of setting up.

    You need a router only for the internet connection. Use several switches or hubs to provide connections for all the local machines. Finding hubs or switches with 16+ ports is not a problem.
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