Connecting to the Internet via another Computer

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Aug 30, 2006
  1. Hi people.

    I have two computers. One which is connected to the Internet using an ADSL USB dial up modem.

    I have created a network. Obviously connecting directly and the other connecting through the first, to the Internet.

    I can see my ADSL connection on the client computer under Internet Gateway in Network connections.

    The ethernet connection shows up as connected and when I dial up it shows the Internet Conection as connected on both computers too.

    But I cant connect to the Internet on my Client computer.

    Many thanks in advance if someone can help me out.
  2. Ididmyc600

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    You are trying to setup "Internet Connection Sharing", there is a great guide found here.

  3. Samstoned

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    reg setting
    tcpip parameters
    enable --> IPEnableRouter Dword set to 1
  4. IBN

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    Sorry guys been along time.

    But I am still having the same problem. I have been through the web pages several times but its not helpful at all. ICS is set up but I cant get any internet on the client computer.
  5. mikescorpio81

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    Buy yourself a switch (no WAN PORT) and put it in between your ADSL modem and your PC. Connect the other PC to the switch via etherent cable.

    Im assuming your ADSL router has DHCP enabled so rather than sharing the internet connection from the working PC (which is messy) simply use a switch with a few available ports.

    Let us know how you go :grinthumb
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