Connecting Two Ethernet Routers with Different ISP

By siegfred
Jun 21, 2006
  1. Hi, i need a solution for this problem:

    I have two networks. Each with different Broadband ISP connection(DSL). And I need them to interconnect with each other.

    ISP A->Modem A->Router A->Switch A->Client PCs

    ISP B->Modem B->Router B->Switch B->Client PCs

    Router A is configured as a DHCP server

    what router configuration should i choose for router B?

    what IP addresses should i use for the entire network and where to set it?

    If needed which divices should i connect my cables with to ensure the two networks would meet.

    Im using DLink 4 port Ethernet Broadband Routers and DLink 24 port Switches.

    Thank you in advance for those who can help.
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