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Jun 23, 2005
  1. Hello everyone! I have searched for days trying to find the answer to a problem that I'm having and haven't come up with any solution. I have two wireless routers, a linksys BEFW11S4 and a d-link DI-624. The D-Link is much faster but the range is horrible. The range on the linksys is much better. I would like to set them up so that computers connecting within the range of the d-link can take advantage of the speed, but outside of the d-link, the computer will connect through the linksys. Is this even possible. Or, would it work to set it up so that one computer connects wirelessly through the d-link and one connects through the linksys. That could work too. I only have one DSL router and the linksys and d-link routers are sitting next too each other.

    I have tried connecting the linksys with an ethernet cable from the linksys port for internet to an open port on the d-link and configured them similarly but with separate ips. Either way, nothing I have done has worked and I was wondering if anyone could help me with a solution. Your time is much appreciated! Thanks!
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    This should work OK I think. I'm not up on wireless, much prefer a bit of wire. I have two ADSL routers on my network (only one connected to my ISP) and all machines hook up OK using DCHP form the connected router. See as you can only have 1 DCHP server the wireless machines will probably need to have static addresses. I would think it will work better if the two routers were not too close.
  3. MMartin

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    I have a similar issue,
    I have my internet running into a Linksys WRT54GS v3
    My PC is wired into this router and I have another PC connected wirelessly

    My neighbors can connect wirelessly to my network but the signal is weak (they are about 40-50 Ft away from my router). they have 2 PC's with wireless adapters and one that would need to be wired.

    My question it possible to set up a second router (Linksys BEF11S4 v4)
    in their house to wirelessly extend my network?

    and if so .... how?

    here's a basic example of what i'm trying to do:

    -home (already set up)- -neighbors (not yet set up)-
    Modem---Router1 ((((((( ))))))) Router2 (connected wirelessly to R1)
    my pc (wired) PC (wired to R2)
    other pc(wireless) PC (wireless)
    laptop (wireless)

    I want all the pc's to be on the same network via 2 routers connected wirelessly.... R1 has the internet connection

    If anyone can help or knows anything about this please take the time to reply, I think this would also help answer lizzie's question because I'm basically setting the 2nd Router up to extend my range.
  4. MMartin

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    Redoing the cheesy diagram it got messed up in my last post
    just ignore the "." (dots)

    -home (already set up).......................-neighbors (not yet set up)-
    Modem---Router1 ........((((((( )))))))....Router2 (connected wirelessly to R1)
    my pc (wired) .....................................PC (wired to R2)
    other pc(wireless) ................................PC (wireless)
    ..........................................................laptop (wireless)
  5. MMartin

    MMartin TS Rookie

    screw it , i just went out and bought a Wireless access point
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