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Jun 1, 2006
  1. Console System Compatability (Please help)

    Hello friends.
    Quick question about console system compatability.
    Will games from UK with the format: PAL (UK Standard) work on standard N.American systems format: NTSC (US, Canada)?
    I am inquiring on both the Playstation 2 and Xbox.
  2. jobeard

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    I think that you might use the S-Video and get it to work.
  3. MartinJK

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    Dear Jobeard.
    I was referring to the PAL format games working on NTSC (N.American) format of console.
    However, I recently found out that this is not going to work. So my question to anyone who can tell me..
    Is there any way to make PAL games to work on NTSC systems? I am NOT interested in modding the console, perhaps some kind of legal way to get them to work?
    P.S. I am talkting about the PS2 console.

  4. Sharkfood

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    UK/PAL games and NTSC/US games are from different regions and these region codes are stored on the dvd/game media. The PS2 checks it's region with the region on the dvd/cd and fails to boot if these do not match.

    MOD chips simply bypass the region checks. There are other ways if you don't mind swapping dvd's- such as many "swap" methods. Gameshark and others make boot dvd's that then ask you to insert the desired game dvd and will boot it this way. This is a pain though as you'll need to boot/swap dvd's everytime you wish to play a game.

    As far as the video standard... this isn't an issue. I'd be more concerned with power converter/proper power supply. Newer slimline PS2's have an external power supply, so it would likely be a simple case of using a Euro PS2 power supply or proper power converter. All PS2's hardware can output NTSC and PAL video signals.

    It's really worth MOD'ing a PS2 though as it's a fairly simple operation and allows the playing of import games. There are HUGE amounts of cool games that never get US or UK ports and only exist in Japan. Many collector shops here in the US sell import PS2 games and this is the only way to play them without annoying boot->swap methods. :(

    Hope this helps!
  5. MartinJK

    MartinJK Topic Starter

    Dear Sharkfood.
    I greatly appreciate your quick reply. However I am a little confused about this "swap" method of booting. Please dont mind if I ask you a few questions as you seem to know about this.
    How exacly does this "swap" method work? I would not mind swapping, does not sound too bad. Do I boot up the console with the boot CD/DVD and replace with the intended imported region game? Also, this this method safe and legal? Thirdly, where can I buy these "CD/DVD" boot disk? And finally, will they work on the PS2 Slim?
    Thanks again for your patience and time Sharkfood.
  6. Sharkfood

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    In the case of newer Gameshark2 V3/4, you just boot the Gameshark CD.. select to boot a game with "No codes".. then place your import into the drive when the Gameshark asks.. and press X. Gameshark is designed to go right to the boot-sector without a reset and the region read already occurred (on the Gameshark cd).

    Also, there is another product made specifically for this purpose:

    Safe? Well, both the Gameshark & Swap Magic use a device that goes into the memory card slot. My mem-card slot is a little loose as the Gameshark is a bit fatter than a memory card. Sometimes when done with it I have to wiggle mem-cards a bit for them to read/write as the slot is a little stretched now (as mem cards dont fit as snugly anymore).

    Legal? As long as you dont play pirated/copied games but instead fully purchased, manufactured originals (and paying all appropriate import fees/taxes) I wouldn't see why it wouldn't be legal. Import games are legal to purchase/play here in the USA, so I don't see why that would be any different in the UK.

    Link above for how to get one.. and yes, they work with all PS2's. Slims need the extra replacement lid though as they sense when DVD's are swapped (+$20):
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