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By Rushn · 4 replies
Nov 3, 2006
  1. Hi,

    Last week, I received my new mobo and cpu upgrade: MSI S939 K8T NEO2-F V2, AMD Athlon 64 S939 3800+ (2.4GHz) 512KB (Venice Core)

    I threw out my old one and replaced it with the new parts. Everything else is the same (case, psu, mem, gpu, HDD)
    When installed, it ran fine, so I installed windows and drivers. While doing this the system shut down, never to boot again for more than 20 seconds, TOPS.
    After several suggestions, I disassembled everything to reassemble it again. It ran again for about 30 minutes, after which it shut down again and not booting up for more than 20 seconds once more.
    I went back to the shop with it, and it ran fine on their system for 3 hours. Although this would not be a 100% guarantee nothing's wrong with the mobo/cpu, it's still rather odd that it runs fine.

    I will list all suggestions that I have been given to rule out unnecessary posts. All of these suggestions resulted in the pc still shutting down after 20 seconds at most.

    - unplugging everything, except gpu to see if there's enough power for the cpu
    - putting in each ram unit seperatly (they work fine in previous sys)
    - switching psu, they're not all that fancy, but both resulting in shutdown while they work fine on my previous sys is rather unlikely
    - re-check jumpers, wiring, etc

    That's about it, I guess. My thoughts still go to some sort of power failure of any kind, but I can't really locate it, since I tried 2 psu's which both work fine on another mobo.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. wolfram

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    Hello and Welcome to Techspot!! :)

    What make and wattage is your PSU, how many amps on the +12V rail? Also, what video card are u using?
    If you're running a 7800GT for example, and a 3800+ CPU with a 300 W PSU, it doesn't matter if the PSU worked fine with another mobo, it won't be enough for the system.
  3. twite

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    Maybe the heatsink fan is not on the cpu firmly, and it is overheating and automatically shuting off. Go to the bios and watch the temps for 10 minutes. If their 60+ degrees then that is the problem.
  4. Rushn

    Rushn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    1 chieftec psu 340W and some rubbish cooler, also 350W, I have a x1600 pro which requires power for the fan.

    About the heatsink, I'm quite sure it is on the cpu how it is supposed to, since they assembled the cpu on the mobo at the shop and I did the same thing again at home, double-checking everything.
    About the bios.. if my computer only stays on for 20 seconds tops, I hardly can check the temperature eh. ;)

    PS: I found an update for the bios where the wrong temperature was read by the bios. At first I thought it was the high temperature causing emergency shutdown, because when I got into the bios, it shut down at 85°. In the shop, they said I read the Fharenheit temp and that the 'real' temperature was ony 30°. Quite amazed I could've been that stupid I just believed it and disregarded the 'heat' issue, but reading this bios update makes me wonder if the wrong temp was displayed and caused the emergency shutdown to initiate over and over again. And tbh, I don't see myself reading the wrong temperature for 5+ times. :p

    Any experiences or confirmation on this?
  5. Rushn

    Rushn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I got it back from the shop, with a fully updated bios, yet the problem persists.
    They sent it back, saying I misread the temp which ofcourse is utter crap, since I could re-check it now, and the temp IS 80°C before shutdown. The system ran for about 3 hours before an initial shutdown when playing a game.
    I can let it cool down to get it working for about 10 minutes, but then it shuts itself off again. Clearly a heat problem, but I can't seem to locate it.

    I have re-seated the heatsink with new paste, the fanspeed is 3k, although I feel it does not produce much airflow. No success though.. I'm running out of options here.. Replacing the cpu fan would be one, but I highly doubt it will solve the problem. The weird thing is that it runs for a couple o hours after being inactive for several days, but after it's initial shutdown, the temperature keeps speeding up to emergency shutdown faster and faster, even after reseating the heatsink.
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