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Jan 5, 2006
  1. Guys I'm kinda :hotouch: here... PC fell into a constant reboot, out of the blue.. I've even formatted the HD, still with problem, taken out as many cards and devices as I can... Loads Win XP SP2, then outta the blue... bam! reboot... only thing I haven't taken out is the video adapter (gforce 6200 256)... any help you guys might provide will be more than appreciated... thnx...
  2. KingCody

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    sounds like a power supply issue or possibly something shorting out the board...

    are you getting a blue screen before it reboots? and if you are, do you get an error message? ...if you are getting a BSOD (blue screen of death), go into your system properties control panel (or right mouse click my computer icon), goto the advanced tab, then click startup and recovery settings, disable the "automatically restart" checkbox, this will allow you to read the error message before the system reboots

    did you change any harware in your case recently? (e.i. possibly drop a screw or a wire that could cause a short circuit?)

    is there a device in PCI slot#1 (the slot closest to the AGP or PCI-e slot)?
  3. niceboy

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    Try changing u'r smps. that should help u.
  4. DrCraniax

    DrCraniax TS Rookie

    Hi guys,

    I'm having a similar problem. I've changed RAM and Video Card, and the same problem occurs. It's usually when I start playing games (The Movies most recently but it's happened on all games I've tried). Sometimes artifacts will appear on screen, sometimes my HD LED will turn on and stay on. Most often it freezes, but sometimes it just reboots.

    Gigabyte 845PE-667 Mobo
    P4 2.4b
    512meg DDR333 (V-Data) RAM (also tried 512 and 1024 V-Data & A-Data DDR400)
    Seagate 80gig HD
    Radeon 9800 Pro 256meg, also Bioware GeForce 6200 128meg
    Eagle 350w PSU

    I've tried all different combinations of RAM and Video Card, and the same problem occurs. At first I thought it was overheating but after a few days of both the GPU and CPU having Arctic Silver applied, the same problem occurs.

    I've forked out a fair bit to buy new parts (RAM and Video Card) thinking that it'll resolve the problem but no luck. The PSU is around 3-4 years old, could it just not be up to the task anymore?

    There's nothing in PCI Slot 1, and niceboy, I'm not sure what SMPs are...?

    Thanks for any help.
  5. ksum

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    I had a similar problem. Though I didn't change my RAMs and Video Card, I did change my PSU from 350 W to 400W. Maybe your PSU is older or maybe it's not enough.
  6. ravenousJ

    ravenousJ TS Rookie

    i had this same problem with my sisters comp. i just reinstalled xp. it works fine ever since. its not a blue screen its black. it says bunch of things then asks what type of boot. either safe mode safe mode with networking etc. my cousin brought her comp to me and its the same thing, but she doesnt have windows cd, she has a recover disk. i tried it and failed.
  7. Quantex_rox

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    Check to see if you have bad capacitors on your motherboard (are they bulging on the tops, or pushing out the bottom?)

    Also, what psu do you have

    P.S. Eagle PSU's are crap, junk them. Not even good enough for paperweight duty.
  8. ravenousJ

    ravenousJ TS Rookie

    sorry, but is the PSU the power supply? anyway, ive read on here that it could be not enough ram. so ive added another 256 and it work. so it has 512mb. but one 256 shouldve been enough i would think, since that was enough when first bought. and ive tried switching modules around. i put the module in slot 2, nothing, i put my module in slot 1 then 2, nothing. but with two, it works. im thinkin its configuration in bios. maybe changing s1 to s3.
  9. Quantex_rox

    Quantex_rox TS Rookie Posts: 123

    PSU=power supply unit.
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