Control Panel died !

By Breelion
Apr 8, 2006
  1. Someone please help!

    Last week, SUDDENLY, I could not access my control panel programs. I keep getting this warning:

    "Access to the specified device,path, or file is denied" and a big red circle with a white "X" in it. ????

    I tried to change my date and time by right clicking on the desktop and then properties and i get this warning again.

    I can get to the control panel but when i click on ANYTHING in it i get the same warning.

    Am dumbfounded.

    Have done spyware and virus checks non-stop - nothing.

    I even did a wondows 2000 repair and the problem remains.
    The problem remains even in SAFE MODE.

    I have tried all that i know. some other people have the same problem but i have yet to find a fix.

    CAN ANYONE HELP ME with this. THANKYOU!!!!!!

    Erin :hotbounce

    Putting an email on a forum is asking for SPAM! Removed email.
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