Control Problems with BF2

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Dec 11, 2007
  1. I have BF2 1.1. I have patched up to 1.41 . During game play, my forward key won' t work. Resolution on my vid card and game options are set very low.Its not the keyboard either. I set the controls to different keys and still the same thing, only forward stops or studders. Is there a patch that will help this? It seems to be something in the game itself seeing that it is not the key board or graphics card. Also, my computer crashes when the screen gets too busy like when I drive,fly fast and try a key command.Is it a connection issue?I have high speed internet. Any advice is appreciated.Thank you.
  2. SOAD

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    test the game on single player mode to see if its an online issue that causes the crash or just that your pc cant handle the game. try uninstalling the game and patching it from a clean install to see if the keyboard works again.
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    No Forward in bf2

    I tried the uninstall. Reinstalled and went straight for the 1.41 patch, no luck. It took all of about 5 seconds for the forward button to act up again. I tried it in single player mode and it was the same.The same thing happened a couple of months ago, I just gave up the game and left it for a couple of weeks. When I went to try it again after the two weeks, it just started up and didn't act up for at least a few days to a week. I have 2 or 3 computer virus scanning programs and all is clean. No idea where to go from here. Will I have to just buy a new version since the version I have is 1.1?
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    As SOAD suggested, perhaps your PC doesn't sufficiently meet the requirements of the game. What are your PC specs?
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    i doubt it is a software issue so i wont waste money on buying another copy. i would say it is most likely a hardware issue, do the symptoms you describe happen on single player as well?
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