Convert mov files to wmv format

By AlanHo
Oct 20, 2007
  1. I have a panasonic digital camera which not only takes great pictures - it also takes video of quite good quality - but uses the Quicktime .mov format. I connect the camera to the TV and play the video files - but only in VGA quality.

    I want to create a DVD of a recent holiday which to play a mixture of still photos and videos in the highest possible quality onto my 42" LCD TV via a DVD player. However, I am having problems with the mov files.
    I have tried using the latest Nero - it seems to accept the mov files - but crashes during the rendering process.

    My Vista Windows Movie Maker will create a combined slide show and video DVD - but it will not recognise mov files - it likes the video input to be in wmv format.

    Hence what I think I need is software to convert mov files to wmv format at the highest possible quality. I have Googled and there are dozens of programmes available all claiming great results for your money - but I have no idea how effective they really are.

    I don't mind paying a modest sum (say £20) for a guaranteed solution - is there anyone out there who has hands on experience of such software they can recommend.
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