converting analogue video to mpeg with sb audigy platinum

By boukovi
Nov 5, 2003
  1. i have the sound blaster audigy platinum soundcard..the manual says that i can plug in to the card my analogue camcoder or vhs..i do that but nothing happens..i want to convert my vhs movies to that possible with soundblaster+pinnacle s8..?
  2. poertner_1274

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    Well if you have a new VCR player they send an encrypted line with the file so you can't copy them. It is so you can't go out and buy a new VHS movie and burn it to DVD and sell it personally. If you have an older model VCR it should work fine. Or if you are using the VHS recorder. It should be all layed out in the manual for the hardware. Check in there for troubleshooting guides.

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    Macrovision (aforementioned copy protection) only applies to video, not audio. You should be able to hear and record from VCR if your cables are connected properly and you've selected recording source (and line out, if you want to hear it yourself) from Audigy's mixer.
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