Converting AVI videos to...  something?

By cjwsb
Nov 2, 2003
  1. Hi all,

    I have just found this PC oasis and thought I would register, say hello, and start off by asking you all a question. I'm a UNIX administrator, so that is where my experise lies. PC's are mainly for fun and that is what I use them for. With that sai...

    I have a young son and I have shot many videos of him (7 hours worth over the past 3 years) on my DV camcorder. Then, I use Videowave 5 to import the videos onto my PC. When I first import the videos, they are AVI format and are HUGE! 13 some odd GB!!! Now, that's huge...:D . Anyway, I can use videowave to "produce" the videos into many different formats, resolution, etc. These include mpg, avi, wmv... I have noticed, of course, that there are enormous differences in quality of playback for different formats. Without me having to play with these formats TOO much, do any of you fine gentleman (and ladies, of course ;)) have any suggestions as to what format to use? These will be put up on my family website so that friends & far away family members can download them. I have thought about posting several formats so that people on different speed connections can choose which format they would like (ie, people on slow connections could download a WMV 100KB encoded vid, but people on high speed access could get an AVI).

    Is that a good idea to do? I am only thinking about it because it's just more work for me.;) Also, what is the deal with DivX? Is that something I should look into? Basically, here's what I am looking for. A combination of great quality videos at the smallest possible size. What do you all think? Thanks!

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    DivX is definitely something you should look into, or actually XviD, which is about the same but free. I can't really recommend any other formats if you want great quality at the smallest possible size.

    About formats: AVI doesn't support streaming (if I remember correctly), so you can't put them to your website so that people wouldn't need to download them. MPEG does, QuickTime does, Ogg Media does, Matroska does, but if your family / friends are using the most widely spread operating system, they might have problems with Ogg & Matroska. In short, you don't have to use AVI if you don't want to.
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