Cooling for AMD 1600

By b2bomber81
Mar 23, 2004
  1. I'm sitting here watching my processor temp slowly rising up to 114 degrees (F). This is the hottest its run while idling. Case temp is running consistently at 87 degrees. So I popped the sidepanel off and turned on a room fan, aimed at it. It's brought it down to about 105 now.

    The CPU has got the original fan on it (noisy thing!), and I've got a case fan. My question, is that I am wondering what some of you have done for cooling of this particular processor. If you've upgraded from the original fan, what did you upgrade to? Anything quieter than this thing? I know that a quiet fan isn't necessarily a good fan - the loud ones are the best. But I'd like to strike a medium there some where.

  2. acidosmosis

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    That is no problem. There is no need to worry until you get up around 160'F. That is approaching dangerous temperatures. 114'F is a very good temperature.

    Also, you can purchase a low costing heatsink and fan for around $7.00 for your processor that will work just fine, such as:

    (You don't need it though, 114'F is fine -- the link is just for future reference).
  3. Vehementi

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    114F is fine for a processor, in case you were wondering. Even better for an AMD.

    If you wanted to reduce the noise, you could buy a new (quieter) fan for your stock heatsink, buy a whole new heatsink/fan, or buy a fan controller/rheobus to turn down your current fan setup.
  4. b2bomber81

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    I read in a magazine that 120 was a real high temp for a CPU, and that it should be kept well below that. So when I saw it climbing 114, 115, 116, 117, I was getting real worried. It normally runs right around 109. I can get it down to 96 if I have the window open across the room.

    Thanks for the info guys! I will probably look into getting that fan controller - I would like it to sound a little more like my 800mhz did.... quiet :)

    Thanks guys
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