COOLING options for 3D Labs Realizm 200 512mb?

By Brett64
Feb 4, 2005
  1. Hi all,

    I just purchased a 3D Labs Wildcat Realizm 200 card for my family business machine. If I install it with the factory fan and ducting, it does not alow me to plug in my RAID or any SATA cables. With the ducting removed, I placed a dual 70mm fan in the PCI slot below the GPU. Having it on full will keep the card cool feeling when just running the Windows desktop, but I have yet to try anything graphically intense and the fan noise at full rpm is the loudest part of the machine (VapoChill XEII).

    I'm wondering if you know of an aftermarket cooling alternative for this chipset?

    I've set up custom water cooled systems before, so I'm not stranger to that. I wouldn't mind a nice little liquid system to chill the GPU and mb chipsets, but at the same time I would not mind an effective heatsink and fan combo if it is also quiet because quite honestly this case is packed between 1.25 Terabytes of drive space, burners, and dual output video cards. Plus the PSU sits directly across from the CPU, and the VC ducting and compressor take up a lot of space.

    I know the 3D Labs cards are not mainstream, but if anyone can tell me if a current product for ATI or nVidia chips would also work here... I'd appreciate it!
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