Cooling problem?

By xmkiller
Nov 15, 2007
  1. Hello,

    A few years back I had bought a 300 dollar video card, I don't quite remember the name but just a couple months ago it basicly overheated and I guess burnt some components.. I knew it was going to happen considering it started running and continued to run at 80+ degrees. So, with that one fryed I figured it was a bad card and bought a new one and shiped my old one off to get repaired.

    The new card I bought is:


    It just came 5 days ago and I bought compressed air with it. I cleaned out my case, did some cable managing. Now this card idles at 60-65C degrees and runs at 75-85C. I figure this isn't right.. so im coming here in hopes of help.

    My case is pretty big to fit this monster card.. =P I have 1 case fan and another in the back. The back pushes out air while the case one pushes in air. The case fan is fairly new (1 year) but the back fan was there since I bought the case (2 years).

    Any help is appericated, thanks.
  2. samjohnson

    samjohnson TS Maniac Posts: 238

    You probably need to get some more fans in there to get better circulation. It may help to have one on the side. You can also get fans that go into the slots, so you could put it above or below the card and that would probably also help.
  3. pdyckman@comcas

    pdyckman@comcas TS Rookie Posts: 527

    I use the same card. Mine idles @ 44-46. Gaming takes it to the 60's. Fans blowing on the motherboard (3). Zalman cooler keeps all CPU heat relieved. Put 80mm exhaust fans outside back of case: above & below 8800. The cooler you keep motherboard the better for 8800. Still I feel that you may want to exchange your 8800 for another 8800. Mine was not that warm when I had it in the same situation that you do now. Good Luck with it.
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