Cooling the D 820

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Jun 2, 2006
  1. Hello, im looking to overclock my Pentium D 820 because I heard they are great overclockers due to their resistance to heat. So I need a good aftermarket cooling system. My Cpu runs around 50C and defualt so I would expect to not see it go above 60C after overclocking. The main problem is I dunno what Cooler will work with my setup. Here are two I was thinking of: ,

    PS my mobo is an ASUS P5LD2
  2. Julian309

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    Bump... Please someone reply
  3. CMH

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    Me like those HSFs, any good professional reviews on those?
  4. Supra

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    I would recommend the typhoon in your first link. I dont have any personal experience with it but ive heard a lot of good things about it, very quiet and drops cpu temps between 5-10C. It is massive so if I were you I would make sure you have clearance. 120mm fans are the size of a CD squared off.
  5. kangaruffian

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  6. Julian309

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    Looks like I got the one nobody recommended

    Yea I got the zalman. I posted this topic on a few other tech forums and pretty much everybody loved the Zalman CNPS9500 plus I found a realy good deal on ebay. But I was really considering the ones you People Recommended.
    Peace :)

    PS I didnt know the Arctic was that Cheap. But it was my Graduation from 9th Grade present and I didnt exeede the price limit. I just hope the one I got drops the temps enough to overclock 30%, My case is very well ventalted.

    Check out this This , looks pretty good huh? and I got it new for $58.00 with three day shipping!
  7. kangaruffian

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    Yup yep It is really good.. and nice looking too good choice!
  8. CMH

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    The freezer is quite well recommended, and the same goes with the Zalman.

    edit: I personally prefer a heatsink where it blows directly onto the CPU, and one that you can change the fan blowing on it (to add a bigger fan to it if I need more cooling). Using a Tt Golf 325, but I don't think thats suitable for your use.
  9. CrossFire851

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    Heard nothing but great review about the typhoon. It's because it has a small cpu block and the "pipes" are small making heat transfer quicker to the heat sink, allowing more air to move across the heat sink because it is elevated and getting most of the heat away from the cpu.

    I would highly recommend this product. I just wich they had small fans that hit the "pipes" again sorry for the inconvenience I don't know what they are called, so it would start cooling right away. But hey, that's just my $.02

    Also that is a big unit, make sure you have enough room and always remember to pick up some Artic Silver 5 (thermal grease). This is not recommended it's required for any selection you make. You will need it, it will run you about $6.
  10. CMH

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    Yeah, I keep forgetting the fact that thermal grease is often forgotten by people. I've got some stock of it, its very handy. Get the large tube if you think you're gonna play around with your cooling.

    Check up the application instruction. Useless if you don't use it properly.
  11. kangaruffian

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    Yes it is verygood product. Artic cooler and Zalman9500 r both heatpipe coolers too.. difrent is how the hot air is blow a way.. Typhoon blows on to the mobo and Artic & Zalman on to backside of the case
  12. CMH

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    blowing it to the backside of the case is better, since the hot air goes straight out.
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