Overclocking Cooling trouble with my Toshiba Satellite 5200

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I am experiencing a problem with the cooling of my Thosiba Satellite 5200-701.
The fan started making strage noises and so I decided to open the computer and to clean the fan. All worked fine but after reassembling the system I got the infamous "A problem with the cooling system has been detected" message. Thinking it could only be the fan (maybe damaged by my cleaning) I ordered a spare and mounted it. Unfortunately the new fan doesnt' work either. I tried it separately and it works. What esle could be broken? Could the fan controller on the MB possibly be dead? Does anyone know any solution to this probelm?

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you should double check to make sure that the fan is in fact securely connected, and that its wires are not pinched or interfering with the blades.
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