Copying DVD's ?????

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Oct 16, 2005
  1. I am trying to make a copy of a buffy the vampire slayer for one of my friends. Having a bit of trouble as you can imagine. I have Nero to burn and a friend told me to download DVD shrink to copy it to my computer but when i try to get it to, it wont. Not sure what to do and wondering if someone could help me out?

    Thanks to anyone who takes time to help. :)
  2. A_DOG73

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    Do you have a dvd burner? If so what software is it using? Are you trying to burn Buffy the vampire slayer the movie? Are you trying to burn a cd or dvd? Give me a little more info and I can help you. :wave:
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    Copying Dvd To Dvd

    [Assuming you have a DVD Burner in your computer]

    I clone :evil: Copy-Protected DVD's in a 2-step procedure. :angel:

    1 : First I use a program called "DVD Decrypter" - it by-passes the CSS
    Protection and stores the Movie on your HDD.

    2 : Secondly I use the program "CloneDVD2" to burn the disc.

    (They Successfully Copy Everytime) :grinthumb

    :cool: For futher more detailed instuctions you can message me - No Problem
    [NB: I copy from Double-Layer discs to Single-Layer discs]
  4. DAVEO

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    COPYING "Buffy"???

    Read my post above this one, it might help (Can't Hurt)

  5. Jenni3587

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    I have the burner called nero smartstart. I downloaded dvdshrink last night but it doesn't seem to be helping much to let me put the dvd info on my HD so burn to another cd.

    where is it safe to download those programs? should i?
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