Core 2 Duo - Non OC - Thermal Grease Necessary?

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Oct 8, 2006
  1. Is Thermal Grease such as Arctic Silver needed for Core 2 Duo's even if they are not going to be overclocked?
    E6300 - X6800
    I have a E6600 being shipped to me, but may upgrade to a X6800 after awhile, but probably will not be overclocking either, so is Arctic Silver necessary for a non OC Core 2 Duo, will the retail cooling be fine?

    -Also, I have a NZXT LEXA Case, and I'm about to order a GIGABYTE GA-965P-DQ6 motherboard, both I think will help the system run cool.
    NZXT Lexa Case

  2. dmill89

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    The Core 2 Duo is a relatively cool running processer so the thermal pad on the retail heatsink should be fine as long as you don't OC.But I would replace the stock fan with the four clips with a scerw down design as they have much more stable mounts. I also nornally use thermal compound on any cpu simply because It does offer better cooling and only costs about $5 a tube.
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  4. dmill89

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    yes Artic Silver 5 is a verry good compound.

    here ase some recomended coolers: cheep cooling comprable th the stock intel but with the better screw mount and a ball bearing fan all copper heatsink, led fan, high quality bearings. heatpipes heatpipes copper base, high quality bearing all copper heatsink, extremly quiet
  5. KingCody

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    hi mstpaintball,

    as dmill already mentioned, C2D's are cool running CPUs. and since you aren't going to overclock it then the heatsink and thermal pad that came with your C2D should do the job just fine. after all, Intel is not going to give you a CPU cooler that overheats your CPU. :rolleyes:

    the downside is that OEM heatsinks tend to have loud fans. so if the rest of your PC is quiet running, then you may want to get a quiet aftermarket cooler. but if the noise isn't an issue for you then I would suggest that you save your money and just use what Intel provided you with your C2D.

    cheers :wave:
  6. SNGX1275

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    The stock fan on the C2D is pretty quiet if you can slow the speed down in the BIOS. I have mine set so it doesn't run at full speed unless the temps get above 45 or 50C. Its quiet enough that my 4 hard drives just sitting idle are by far the loudest thing in the case.
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