Corrupt file: system32.dll. ? I don't understand

By Cuddles
Jan 20, 2005
  1. What does this mean? <windows root>system32.dll.

    I am trying to install windows xp full version on to my newly built computer. That comes up after i install in on the blue screen and when it reboots to finnish the installation, it tries to log on and that thing comes up on the black screen and tells me to reinstall it cause it is a corrupt file. I do it about 5 times and the same thing keeps comming back up, should I have used FAT instead of NTFS? I dont know what is going on.
  2. Cuddles

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    Can anyone help me? Or are all of you just as illiterate as me when it comes to computers?
  3. ccache

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    Corrupt file: <windows root>system32.dll. ? I don't understand

    I have encountered this before, is your hard drive setup correct? Do you have the jumpers set - per brand name each have different jumper settings, stand alone, master, slave and cable select. Do you have more than one hard drive? Is the cd-rom unit a slave to the hard drive? Check your cmos setting as well, is the mainboard even seeing the hard drive? So anyway, I think it is closely related to hard hard dirve. What brand is it?
  4. Rick

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    Should you use FAT32 instead of NTFS? No.

    The problem you are having is a mystery because there is no system32.dll that exists, except for viruses and spyware in a Windows XP installation. So check and make sure you have the right information posted.

    Otherwise, I'm not sure how that could happen. As long as you format the drive, there should be no problem like this unless your Windows XP CD has a problem. And as I mentioned, no Windows installation contains system32.dll.

    Make sure your Windows CD is the original, make sure you format the drive (to get rid of all previous information on it) and make a nice, clean install of Windows. This problem should not happen.
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