Corrupt Hard Drive

By feralbyte
Nov 5, 2005
  1. I have a western digital 320gb (e: ) that I recently purchased and use for storing large files hence its formated to ntfs. And its become corrupt somehow.. its appearantly now raw. I've tried using Active@ Partition Recovery but it says the boot sector is corrupt and cant see anything. I think Bitlord may be responsible for whats happened. I was downloading a file larger than 4gb so I had to save it on my e:. Recently for some unknown reason when bitlord was connected and downloading my modem would drop connection and wouldnt work until I shutdown and then restarted. However not all the files I was downloading were being saved on my 320gb. some where going to my c: drive which is a different harddrive and still working fine.
    Thats the only thing I can come up with, except of course a faulty harddrive. and before anyone suggests my returning it, it was bought while I was in sydney and I'm from adelaide, sort of. So if I can find a way to fix it that'd be good.. Any suggestions on some programs I can use to at least try to recover whats left? Thank you!!
  2. Samstoned

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    you can try
    start/run (type in ) cmd
    command prompt type
    cd c:\windows> type in FIXBOOT and press Enter. Then answer "Y"
    theres a lot of file recovery software out there
    some better than others
    I use filescavenger ,but I also have 2 more as backups as they don't all work the same

    how much was on the 320gb drive? it would take over a
    day to run most recovery utilitys
    I have noticed some drive errors when encountering alloction corruption as a jumbled type of overwrite
    or allowing a chkdsk operation to run,sadly, I have noticed chkdsk to cause more errors than fix them,unless I have done the tasking myself
    I don't think any dos utility will get back large files
    any takes on this,anyone?
  3. feralbyte

    feralbyte TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Fixed.. sort of.

    I managed to find what I think caused it. I had it as a slave on the ide port with my dvd burner. Tried swapping it to master and changing cable positions and its working fine now. Altho I wasn't able to get any data back from it. At least my hard drive works. Thanks for the suggestions they were very helpful! :eek:)
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