Corsair PSUs with side-mounted power connectors are now available


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What just happened? Corsair has officially announced the PSU that made headlines a few weeks ago for its unusual design. The new RMx Shift ATX 3.0 series is the world's first power supply with side-positioned connectors, a design that should make life a lot easier for PC tinkerers.

While graphics cards and CPUs get most of the attention, the humble PSU is arguably the most essential part of a PC setup, yet its basic design has remained unchanged for years. Corsair's RMx Shift ATX 3.0 line, which leaked last month, goes against tradition by placing the modular power connectors on the side rather than the rear.

The idea behind the new layout is that it gives PC owners better access to the power cables, making removing and adding components less of a headache, especially in tight cases and those with PSU shrouds. The design could also benefit PC cases that have storage drive cages so close to the power supply that the cables crush up against the caddies.

Corsair notes that buyers will need around 30mm of open space to the side of the case for the cables to fit. The good news for owners of Corsair cases is that the company has confirmed they are all compatible, and the PSU should fit other cases that are at least 210mm wide and have enough clearance at the side. The PSU must also be accessible from the side once it's installed, of course.

Beyond its unconventional design, the RMx Shift ATX 3.0 PSUs come with PCIe 5.0 12VHPWR GPU cables for those with an Nvidia RTX 4000-series card, are 80 Plus Gold certified, and range from 750W to 1200W. They feature 140mm fans with Zero RPM mode support; it's worth noting that the fan will always be facing downwards when the PSU is installed. The series is Cybenetics-certified for lower power consumption, less noise, and cooler temperatures.

The power supplies are available now. Prices are as follows:

  • RM750x Shift - $149.99
  • RM850x Shift - $159.99
  • RM1000x Shift - $209.99
  • RM1200x Shift - $269.99

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I have a fat case but don't think the bending radius of the connectors/cables will be ok in the long run.


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"Why has nobody done this before?" - Do you really want ALL power cables to have similar issues to the nvidia 12V connector? Can you imagine how much space you would need behind the side panel to be able jam all the cables in there?

These are only really intended for the enthusiasts with huge, water cooled rigs in the biggest of cases...all other PC peasants can carry on as they are with traditional PSUs.


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I honestly think that the PSU form factor is simply wrong.

It forces small cases to be bigger than needed just to accommodate them. I know, GPU's are not helping either.

I always loved Shuttle XPC's which where possible due to their PSU, a variation of the ones used in servers.

I know, they are normally very noisy, but if Shuttle was able to do this 20 years ago, I dont see why others cant today.





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Dell servers have some small form 750W PSU's, it's doable for sure but depends on that small loud fan :)

I know how noisy those bastards are!

But they were as noisy back then and Shuttle managed and like I said, it was 20 years ago, so something could be done today.


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As previous commenters have made clear, it's definitely a niche product. I love it, though the cables should have angled connectors.

I'm still running my Antec 1200w PSU from 2011, but the day it dies I'll be looking for this new style PSU.


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Good idea but those connectors not being 90 degree is a fatal mistake indeed. And no you really don't want to use 3rd party cables for your modular PSU, that's the fastest way to get yourself a fried PC or worse, house.