CORSAIR RMx Shift Series RM1200x


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I have a Corsair RMx Shift Series RM1200x PSU. I installed to an ASRock Z97 Extreme Mobo. It started right up and I used it for a few hours. The next time I started that system it would "turn on" but I could not get it to output to the monitor. I spent a few hours doing all the usual troubleshooting (reconnecting plugs, moving memory, swapping cables, new outlets) but it would not start. I contacted Corsair and they had me do the "paperclip" test and it checked out. I have a PSU tester and following Corsair's instructions the PSU was determined by Corsair, based on the data from the PSU tester readout AND that the system starts right up when I put the old PSU back in, to be faulty. Today the replacement PSU arrived and I have the very same no boot issue. What am I missing? What is Corsair missing? Any help will save me further skinning my fingers. Thanks1.jpg