Corsair's latest PCIe 4.0 SSD features 7,100 MB/s read speeds and a massive heat spreader


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What just happened? Corsair's recent MP600 Pro PCIe 4.0 SSD arrived to hugely positive reviews earlier this year, thanks to its incredible speeds, low temperatures, and five-year warranty. But the company isn't resting on its laurels. An upgraded version of the M.2 drive, called the MP600 Pro XT, has arrived, and it's even faster than its predecessor.

Corsair says its Gen4 SSD can reach 7,100 MB/s in sequential read speeds and up to 6800 MB/s in sequential write speeds, putting its ahead of the MP600 Pro's 7,000 MB/s reads and 6,550 MB/s writes. It's also chunkier than its predecessor, featuring a matte-black aluminum heatsink complete with eight fins, which should be enough to deal with the high temperatures it generates. At 19mm, the heatsink is pretty tall, too, so you might want to take that into consideration when planning a build.

Those who want to integrate the MP600 Pro XT into a custom water cooling loop can buy the version that comes with a water block—the MP600 Pro XT Hydro X Edition—which is available in 2TB and 4TB capacities for $10 to $25 extra. Alternatively, the standard air-cooled version is compatible with Corsair's Hydro X Series XM2 Water Block.

Corsair adds that the drive’s high-density 3D TLC NAND allows for high durability: 700 TBW (1TB version), 1400 TBW (2TB), and up to 3,000 TBW (4TB). It also has an endurance rating of 1.6 million hours. Additionally, Corsair is offering a five-year warranty with the MP600 Pro XT SSD.

Other specs include AES 256-bit Encryption, maximum random read speeds at up to 1M IOPS, and maximum random writes of 1.2M IOPS.

The 1TB variant of the MP600 Pro XT costs $199, while the 2TB model is $399, and the 4TB version is $989. They're available now from Corsair's website and other retailers, though Amazon and Newegg have them listed as out of stock.

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Looks promising, especially when they get the price point down. The water loop needs improvement with a lower profile which could be achieved with a spiraling effect like many florescence light bulbs. Looking forward to itś further development!