could someone guide me overclocking thnx

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Apr 17, 2006
  1. hello guys i was wondering if some could help me overclock my processor i have got an amd athlon xp 64 3200 which was stocked at 2ghz i have overclocked it to 2.2ghz. now i asked someone about overclocking it and he told me to just go up gradualy til it starts getting jittery etc i got it up to 2.4ghz then it was a bit jittery etc. the guy told me to change the voltage. now i dont no how to do this could someone plz guide me on how to do it thnx i have got a k8 combo z motherboard just incase yu need the model lol thnx guys
  2. Per Hansson

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    Some mainboards do not have voltage adjustmens, without knowing your exact motherboard type it is impossible to say...

    You should lower your HTT multipler to 4x, it should always be kept below 1000, right now yours is at 1200 (HTT*HTT Multipler) which by default is 5x...
  3. NixonGTR

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    hello again just been on the BIOS then im just gonna write wot i see lol i didnt see any HT Multiplier i saw HT SPEED & HT WIDTH. anyway i went on theBIOS then cpu configuration it this is wot it brought up
    CPU Host freq (manual)
    Actual Freq (220mhz)
    Spred Spectrum (disabled)
    Cool n Quiet (Disabled)
    Processor Max Multiplier (auto but says x10 greyed out)
    Processor Max Voltage (1.450v also greyed out but says that)
    memory clock (Auto)
    Flexibility Option (Enabled)
    Bank Interleaving (Auto)
    Burst Length (8 Beats)
    CAS Latency (CL) (Auto)
    TRCD (6CLK)
    TRAS (15 CLK)
    MA Timing (2T)
    I saw the HT Speed & HT Width Under chipset config which said
    chipset config
    HT Speed (Auto) choices were 200mhz-1000mhz
    HT Width (auto) choices were 8 Bit & 16 Bit
    that is everything guys thnx very much for your help
  4. Per Hansson

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    So your mainboard does not allow you to change the voltage...
    Change this to 800Mhz or lower, I think if you change it to 800mhz it will mean 4x so it will be 4x*240=960...
  5. NixonGTR

    NixonGTR TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19

    so if i change this to 800mhz is that the equivilent of changing the voltage meanin i can then overclock at higher speeds

    thnx very much
  6. NixonGTR

    NixonGTR TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19

    oh wait ive just seen wot you said i didnt mean that the processor speed was totaly greyed out i mean it is on auto so it is greyed out if i change it to manual it becomes available to edit so what should i change that to then and like i said before if i change this will i then be able to overclock to higher speeds without jittering etc. cheers
  7. CMH

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    Be warned, increasing the voltage is a sure way of reducing the lifespan of your CPU (or whatever it is you're upping the voltage to). And sometimes, it reduces really quickly... like to 1 hour :p

    Just be careful. Especially since you had to ask how to change the voltage, I wouldn't recommend it.
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