(counter strike)Hi guys can you lend a hand? 768k connection 1500 ping???????

By xpyrox04x
Dec 22, 2004
  1. :mad: Hi everyone i have just recently sorted out the ping on my computer but counter strike still has a problem. i have just got my computer and has been working fine. i think i have counter strike 1.6 installed but my ping only goes high when i enter the game. on the server screen it is about 40. this confuses me as people with 56k connection are getting better ping than me by about 1400!!!!! my ping has even hit 4000!!! on occations. if you have any help or ideas please let me know in 'newbie' terms as i am not a computer guinious. all i know about my system is:
    2.4GHz processor
    80gig hardrive
    DSL(768k) internet connection with blueyonder.
    any help with this will be graetly appreiciated guys.
    thnx alot.
  2. Fist of Fury 2k

    Fist of Fury 2k TS Rookie

    Should try living in Thailand I'm on adsl. I ran a ping test on tigerwoods2005 and it averaged 345 but when I went on line it started of at 315 and jumped to figures ranging between 12000 and a world record of 79867 LOL......it has always given me problems and even tweakmaster etc etc dont help....seems nothing can help with ping.........best results I had were with modem booster 2.5 but that only helps when connection is already good......I have every spyware program you could think off and I defragment every day......I have turned off everything except the electricity LOL

    My provider claims all is well and came to my home to give me an example......they pinged their own site which is 150 yds up the road from my home LOL.........I can get better results witha 56k modem and unless someone comes up with a good idea that will be my next step.

    I would try tcpoptimizer if I wee you.....could be you just need a tweak......definately run spybot too both can be found freeware on the net.
  3. xpyrox04x

    xpyrox04x TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok thanks could you give me any sites to go on to get the free software please.
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