Counter strike latency goes wild

By daytripper
Oct 27, 2004
  1. Hi all!

    I just got a new monitor, upgrading from 15" to a 20" gigantic monitor(!)

    My problem is that my ping in counter strike goes wild. My specs are:
    AMD 1100
    256mb SD
    geeforce 2 64 mb.
    10 mbit/s

    I have done anything I can with newly formatted windows XP, drivers and I have optimized performance in any way I can think of in terms of video settings/config settings. I still run att 60 fps which I did before, it wasnt great then but now its disastrous!

    Problem isnt that my connection is slow, I just get a bit high rate in game (viewing with net_graph) of 100-250 kb/s when I play. It use to be 60-80 I think...

    I have problems Imagining that my monitor makes me lagg. I tried the other monitor and it works fine though... :confused:

    Any thoughts anyone? Have been busting my head for a few days..

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