CounterStrike 1.4

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Mar 8, 2002
  1. So what u guys think of 1.4 ounterstrike?
  2. Arris

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    Originally posted in old 3ds forum

    Doesn't seem to be any information about the release schedule/date for the next version of CS, but planethalflife have posted the 1.4 Beta changes/fixes list

    I must say I am happy they are doing something with the para, people just buy it for a laugh, or if they are playing against very easy opponents. Also integrating some anti-cheat code into the game has been something that everyone has been wanting (including Punkbuster who were trying at one point to get financial support from Valve to provide further anticheat development) for ages.
  3. poertner_1274

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    Just went out and downloaded the beta version today. Some of the new features are nice, but I didnt' get to play that long, as I had to leave. I hope to really dig into it soon and see how it is really going to be.
  4. Arris

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    Is it out???

    Where did you get the beta from?
  5. poertner_1274

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    You can get it from here You will have to get the setup files and the keygen. This give you an account with the counter-strike server, or steam. Then you run the keygenerator, and that will give you a unique password for your email account. Now run the setup, and when it prompts you for the password and email enter what was given in your keygen. Now everytime you play a different server it usually downloads quite a bit of stuff, so you have to be a little patient, but it will come along. I like some of the new features. Give it a shot and let me know what you think!:grinthumb
  6. Arris

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    Got another week and a half before I go home to my gaming PC. Working on a crap laptop behind a firewall means I can't even have a look at 1.4 :(
    Thanks for the link anyway. If I get home before the final version is released I'll take a look...
  7. Arris

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    Beta download....

    CS-Nation have links for the downloads here incase you have trouble with the german site posted by Poertner_1274...

  8. poertner_1274

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    Glad I could wake you up and show you it was out :D hehe
    Sorry for the german link though! I didn't really look that hard for it, it was just the first one that I saw. Glad to see you got one from CSnation that works too!
    That makes things a little easier
  9. Arris

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    Downloading the entire game each time you connect sounds awful harsh.
    Oh well no HPBs for a while then.
    Hope this isn't something thats going to be a feature of the full release.

    Found this about the new "steam" stuff put in by Valve...
    Maybe it is out of date as there seems to be a steam installation and lots of steamcache directories and stuff hinting otherwise...
  10. Arris

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    More info on the next version of CS

    Info at csnation

    I like the sound of the new spectator modes for when you have been killed. Especially the fact the camera circles your corpse and then follows the person that killed you as often I wish to see how much damage I did to the person that nailed me.

    Not sure I approve of these changes. Not moving while planting makes you an easier target, but I suppose it balances the game a bit more since you can't move around while defusing as a CT.
    The "Player picked up the bomb" message is a change which I think could be very unfair, but that all depends on whether it is a message to the rest of the Terrorist team or the Counter-terrorist team. If its to the Counter-terrorist team its unfair as it alerts the team to maybe fall back and defend the bomb sites. I know that its unrealistic in the way that they get told that the bomb has been planted but to tell them that the bomb has been picked up is even less realistic. Also if CT team is guarding the dropped bomb they don't have to be within listening range to hear if a terrorist picks up the bomb, which means they can pop out and attack from positions which we of no use for monitoring the bomb previously...

  11. Arris

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    Also the new in and out of game tracker looks good.
    Its an instant messanger and server tool in one ;)
    Can refresh your server list and still do other things in windows.
  12. Arris

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    I have been playing CS1.4 for a few weeks now and I have established a firm opinion of what I think is good and bad about it.

    First of all is the major topic that every CS player is concerned with, Jumping
    I have played on several servers. One had almost normal CS jumping aside from you couldnt jump in quick succession, but it didn't force you to move at a snails pace directly after a jump. Another server was worse. You still couldn't jump in quick succession but you were also incurred a speed penalty after a jump. This made perfectly normal non bunnyhopping manovers quite annoyingly slow. For instance jumping up a tiny ledge to move round into cover was almost pointless as you were rendered a sitting duck as soon as you jumped. What I found confusing is that jumping had this penalty but if I fell from a distance and ended up with 5 health from the impact I could still move off almost immediately while a 1.5 foot jump in the air caused me to slow down after landing. Also when you press shift (or whatever key you have configured for walk) there seems to be a strange slowdown before you are walking, and the same for when you let go of shift again. Not sure I like this but I guess I'll get used to it.

    Connecting to a server
    My initial connection to a 1.4 CS server resulted in 3 attempts to connect over a period of about 7 minutes (on BT ADSL (512k)). After finding out a bit about Valve's Steam Content distribution system I figured that most of this time was taken up downloading game files/maps since the initial setup of steam and subscription to CS dealt with the game system files (downloading minimum footprint...)
    After this initial lengthy connection most connections have been almost as quick as the ones for CS1.3. I guess the initial slowness was down to the following reason quoted from ShackNews...
    One thing I haven't figured out yet is the extent of the weapon changes. The para seems a little more accurate but I haven't purchased it enough and played about with it to find out if this really is the case. The scout seems to have undergone either power or accuracy (hopefully not both since I am not a sniper) alterations, either that or some scout experts from previous CS versions have been stalking me on servers ;)

    Also something that I was quite releaved to hear was that there are no plans to make CS a pay-to-play game :)

    The tracker for connecting to games, messaging friends in games and such like is a blessing since I used to dread doing a server list update as this meant CS was tied up and I couldn't play until it had finished. This can now be done ingame so you don't have to sit and watch a list be updated :grinthumb

    I quite like the new cs_havana and de_chateau although often when I have been on a server people have moaned as though the maps were as bad as oilrig.


    I think its just a case of people getting used to them. They like what they know and once they know the new maps will probably moan less or not at all when it comes to their slot in the server map rotations.

    More details about steam, steam CS and downloads can be found at
    The latest bug fixes and changes can be found here, last updated to V4.04 04/04/2002....
  13. Tweakster

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    The New Version of Counterstrike is out Nextweek. Hopefully the 140mb download (cs 1.4 and Halflie wont take to long on my 56k.

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