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Cour 2 Duo

By Fukurou ยท 9 replies
Nov 6, 2006
  1. I hope this is the right spot for this post, anyway, My sister just got a Core 2 Duo ATX 6300, I noticed it said "1.86 GHz" is that the speed of EACH processor in it? or is that the overall speed? cause my Pentium 4 has a 2.40 GHz , could she had just waisted her money? in another Question, when I go under Properties of "My Computer" it list's this, Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40 GHz (then right after that it list's a second GHz speed) 2.41 GHz, 1.50 GB of RAM, is it possible that I too have 2 processors but in diffrent spots? I look on my Computer Motherboard and I see a Giant Fan right above this little thing that says ASUS on it which I believe a processor is under, and to the lower right area of the ASUS thing, I see another little thing that looks like yet ANOTHER processor without a fan ontop of it with a sticker on it reading "Intel" Im not so sure if it's a second Processor or not cuase it doesnt have a fan or anything on it, It sits next to my Video Card, I ask because I still get graphic lag on most my games and was wondering because when I go under Device Manager it only list's one Processor which is probubly my answer, but can anyone explain why it list's my GHz speed 2 times and one and a .01 speed Difference? Sorry for the long Question. Thanks for any help!
  2. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    Yes, each core runs at 1.86ghz. The speed is irrelevent though as the output capability of the Core 2 Duo is several times that of even the beefiest 3.0-3.8 ghz CPU's.

    No, the first value is what Windows detects the CPU to be (if it can). The second value is what it detects the CPU is actually running at.

    For example, on a laptop running on batteries, it may clock the actual CPU down to a lower speed. In that case, you might see:
    Pentium 3 1.2ghz
    768mb RAM.

    Since it's a 1.2ghz CPU, but it's currently running at 700mhz (power saving mode).

    It's not uncommon for the running speed to be a little off.. such as a 3.0 ghz reporting as 2.99ghz.. or a 2.4ghz displaying at 2.41ghz. This is normal.

    This is normal also. One is your CPU and it's cooler. One is the Northbridge chip and IT'S cooler. The northbridge is a high-speed chip that also needs a cooler/fan in modern systems.

    We'd need to figure out what videocard you have. It's possible you have a GREAT Core 2 Duo gaming system, but a crummy integrated videocard. Many pre-built systems are this way and need a new 3d card for playing games.

    Look in the Device Manager under the display adapter.. or download and run Everest, or Dxdiag from Start Menu/Run, dxdiag. See what display adapter this system has.
  3. Fukurou

    Fukurou TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 51

    Thanks very much, all your answers help alot! the Core 2 is actually in another computer , Im running a pentium 4 but maybe I will but that Core 2 now! I found out also that my current computer was a Uniprocessor so that answerd my question as if I had 2 or not, and now I know why is states 2 speeds, as you said above. My Video Card is a NVIDIA GeForce 6200 (with BFG drivers) DECENT to say the least, but when it comes down to it, im sure that it's all the Card that causes lag, So sounds like that Core 2 Duo is well worth the money, but I prolly dont really need it, just a better card. Thanks for all the help! and fast as heck reply =)
  4. twite

    twite TechSpot Paladin Posts: 937

    Try to find out your specs such as your cpu socket # and whether your video card is agp or pci, or pcie, so that way you can help you out. More then likely you have agp socket 478, so you wouldn't be able to upgrade to a core 2 duo even if you wanted to. As far as the video card, an upgrade would help your system alot. A nvidia 7600 would work nicely.
  5. Fukurou

    Fukurou TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 51

    Yep, If I wanted a Core 2, I need to get a new motherboard, As far as my Graphic Card goes, it's better then what my sister has, I even have .5 more Ram then she does, but her's now runs better then mine! The card is an AGP , But reguardless, seeing the difference, I think I would rather spend $200 on a new motherboard and the Core 2 like what my sister got, then spend the same simply on a new Graphic Card. She got a special Deal at Fry's Electronics, New motherboard (core 2 supportive) and a core 2 all for $160. heh.. then again... she did have to spend about another $100 for a new Ram card... before I jump the gun though, how do I check that # you were talking about? I just might have a recent enough model comp to support a core 2, saving me alot of money.
  6. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +36

    Most Pentium 4 mobos are Socket 478. Even if urs is an LGA775 mobo, which is the socket type the Core 2 Duo uses, it is highly unlikely that it supports the new processor. You can get a new Core 2 Duo mobo for around $60 that also supports AGP and PCI-E. But you will more than likely need new RAM since almost all LGA775 mobos use DDR2. You probably have DDR, which also points towards the fact that u have Socket 478. Use SIW from here to tell me ur CPU Socket type ( it's under the CPU option on the left).
  7. Fukurou

    Fukurou TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 51

    Yep, CPU socket 478, I will have to do what my sister did, buy a new motherboard, the Core 2, and Ram.
  8. twite

    twite TechSpot Paladin Posts: 937

    And video card...basically a new computer.
  9. Fukurou

    Fukurou TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 51

    nah, Me and my sis play the same games, my video card is currently better then hers, the 7600 I dont really need, cause her video card and the Core 2 Duo were powerful enough to run the games with no lag. and the card is AGP... and the mobo is AGP..... yah o.O;
  10. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +36

    Good to hear. Do let us know what mobo u plan to get.
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