Covid Test- Believe a positive antigen test taken on Thursday, or a negative PCR test taken on Wednesday?

Hello everyone,

I didn't see a specific thread for COVID, so I am making my own.

Starting on Wednesday night, I was down with coughing and a runny nose. Even though an at-home test that I took on Thursday morning was negative, the coughing got worse, so I took a day off from work to get a PCR test from a clinic. That night, I had nausea, and I could barely hold down the bowl of chicken soup that I prepared without vomiting. This morning when I took another at-home test, the test was positive. However, I got the results of the PCR test today, which showed negative.

So the question is: Which test is more accurate of my condition? Because I am having symptoms consistent with the flu, I am more inclined to believe the positive antigen test, although the PCR test should not have thrown a negative result. Either way, I am pretty upset that I tested positive, as I planned to go to a Fourth of July family meeting. This was the second holiday meeting in a row that was screwed up by COVID, as I had to miss a Christmas gathering due to being exposed to COVID.

Any advice and support is welcome.
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