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Dec 4, 2006
  1. Ok I have an Asus P4S333 motherboard, and am needing a CPU upgrade (current is 1.8ghz intel pentium 4), i have limited knowledge on Cpu and motherboards. Could someone please tell me wat the limit is to what cpu can be compatible with this motherboard. and/or please give me some more info about motherboards and cpu's (I am currently doing a short I.T course and need this info lol)
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    2.2Ghz @ 400Mhz/bus should be the fastest you could go at this point. Your motherboard using a 100Mhz FSB but can overclock up to 166. In theory you may be able to use a 533Mhz/bus processor but I would check with ASUS to see if the BIOS would even support it. I might be time to save up and switch to a newer motherboard and CPU.
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    Where did that 2.2GHz come from?

    According to ASUS this motherboard supports up to 2.6GHz/400MHz P4 and 2.8GHz/400MHz Celeron.
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    If it is 2.2 ghz i guess it wouldnt be worth it, but 2.6 and 2.8 sound alright, Ill try do some research myself, is there any specific site I can go on?

    Thanx for the replies
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    Ok I have searched everywhere I just can't find the right information can someone please help me
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