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Jul 27, 2006
  1. KingCody

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    1. here is a quick guide to Athlon64 cores. basically, the newer the core, the better.

    2. as for the OS, you never specified whether the laptop had XP home or XP Pro. but essentially it is the same OS.

    the laptop most likely came with an OS that was bundled with a bunch of other carp that you don't need (and depending on it's age it may not have SP2). the version you linked is a clean retail copy of XP home. in my opinion a retail version is better because it only installs the OS without all the added crap that the laptop maker wanted you to have.

    another benefit to a retail version is that you own the license, meaning you can use it on any machine. unlike the laptop version which can only be used on that exact laptop.

    hope this helped,
    cheers :wave:

    EDIT: here is a much better guide to cores right here on techspot! :D
  2. db13

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    thanks those links help.Sorry I should have said that both laptops have xp with sp2.Now if I buy that xp can I use it for both my desktops or just one?Thanks again
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  4. KingCody

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    could you physically install it on 2 machines? yes, but it's not legal and you won't be able to download any windows updates

    even though you own the license, it is only good for 1 machine at a time.

    cheers :wave:
  5. db13

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    Thats what I figured on machine one os...again thanks for your time.
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