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By mke
Jun 15, 2007
  1. hi there,

    have a question that boggles my mind for the past few years. basically since the introduction of dual core cpus. my question is relative simple.
    how does a e.g. amd64 3400GHz compare to a intel dual core 1.7Ghz??? i mean if i do 1.7 + 1.7 = 3.4GHz aint this the same with the amd one? also similar question with intels own pentium 4HT 4GHz.

    i mean in terms of clock speed and actual speed where is the difference????

    actually am asking cause planning to buy a laptop with an intel cpu (altough never found of em, but everyone seems to rave about em)

    is there a significant difference between the intel duo core and the duo 2 core????

    the laptop am looking at is either a Dell Insiron 9400 or an HP DV8000 series or DV9000 series as i can find them relative cheap on ebay.

    any advice much appreciated.

    ps (i like the HP ones cause they seem to offer a 2xhd and a decent gforce 7400 or 7600)


    any advice much appreciated
  2. Tedster

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    Dual core DOES NOT mean both core speeds are combined. BOTH cores run at their stated speeds. two cores at 1.7 run at 1.7 each NOT 3.4 ghz.

    Actual speed refers to the speed of the core during processing when it is either clocked up or down. Some CPUs will adjust their speed up or down according to load for heat and energy reasons.

    The core 2 duo is a far better processor than the core duo with less energy usage.

    I would not buy ANY laptop on ebay - that's asking for trouble. Buying used electronics on ebay is VERY risky. I have bought and sold quite a bit on ebay of various types of goods and electronics have always been the most problematic. People sell used computers on ebay because there is something wrong with them or they're old.

    You would be far better off buying new from a reputable e-tailor.

    AMD 64 3400 does not run at 3.4 speed. AMD stopped using model identifiers with core speed with the Athlon XP CPU line. 3400 is just a model #.

    The AMD 64 3400 runs at 2.2 ghz
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