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Nov 16, 2007
  1. I was wondering if i was better off buying the core 2 quad 2.4 GHz cpu or the core 2 duo 3.0 GHz cpu. I amcurrently running on a Pentium D 2.8 GHz, so i plan to upgrade to one of those two for christmas. I primarily use my cpu for multimedia and gaming. So if you would tell me your oppinions, I would appreciate it.

  2. AlbertLionheart

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    That would depend on what your motherboard will handle. Look at the specs for the board and go for the best chip to suit.
  3. pdyckman@comcas

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    If you are gonna get serious about gaming you may want the extra speed that the New 3 gig/1333 FSB core 2 duo could reach. It's true though, your question depends on your board. Include the exact make and model. A 3 ghz core 2 duo can reach higher speeds than the Q6600 quad. I am running the 2.4 ghz quad but am planning on buying the 6850 also if I feel the need to get more intense on some games.
  4. AlbertLionheart

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    and remember that the faster you go you need to think about the PSU to support this. What is your current PSU rated wattage?
  5. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    A Quad-Core CPU is the way to go right now. A simple overclock will have you hitting 3GHz in no time, although you would need an aftermarket cooler for it. But a good one isn't very expensive and with new and upcoming games\apps being optimized for multiple cores, it only makes sense to go down that road.
  6. acacia666avenue

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    my power supply is 600 watts, and the motherboard im thinking about getting is the evga 680i T1 or A1.
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