CPU is overheating all of a sudden

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Feb 2, 2007
  1. i just built this computer about 2 and a half months ago and all has been well. ive been playing games like half-life2 and oblivion and everything was fine. then a few days ago i bought vanguard and i was playing it for 2-3 hours straight yesterday and the day before and everything was fine but then all of a sudden today i was playing for about a half an hour and my computer just shut down and made the beep code for cpu overheating. anyone have any suggestions as to why it can go from all is well to cpu overheating in one day?
  2. Sharkfood

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    We're going to need some sort of PC specs/info to help.

    Taking a wild stab in the dark and completely guessing- I'd guess it might be a Socket 775/Intel based cpu. If so, make sure the four(4) cpu screws didn't simply come loose or settle outwards. This happens sometimes and causes the heatsink to come loose a bit so it's no longer making good contact with the CPU.

    Crank them puppies back down as one may simply be loose.
  3. mgm05e

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    actually its a socket 939 amd 64 4000+
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    Hello, well if this is happening suddenly maybe you have dust in the fan or the fan may not be spinning much\ at all, take the side panel off your case and start it up, make sure that the fan is spinning and if it is then i suggest that you get a can of air and blow all the dust out of the computer, this should help temps.
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    It could be that you moved ypur pc abruptly and loosened up the sync fan , or its been loose. I would recomend going in and making sure the sync fan is put in tightly, sometimes its hard to, If that doesnt work , than go buy urself some thermal paste and try that . MAybe the paste isnt put in right,
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