CPU? Memory? Bios?

By rlcowboy
May 4, 2006
  1. I've got sort of a weird problem with my PC. I'm running an MSI 865PE board with an Intel 3.4EE one of the first ones still socket 478 not LGA775. Wanted to try Vista so I loaded it up. Would not load Vista to a separate OS (Vista problem not relevant I don't think) would only upgrade inplace OS. So checked it out but wanted my xp back to dual boot. Tried to install xp and crash in the middle of copying files. Checked memory pulled it out checked manufacturor timing everything. Ran Memtest all checked out fine. Disabled everything I could in bios. Install ran at about zero speed. Restarted enabled some stuff. Either no speed or crash. I have narrowed it down to one thing. Enabling the L2 and L3 cache crashes install. With L2 and L3 disabled install runs but takes about 4 hrs. Is this a bios problem with this board? Checked heating problem but really doesn't seem to be it. Old XP was working okay just the usual intermittent IRQ_L error once avery other week or so and the Vista Install is working fine wiht everything enabled(actually for a beta its not bad at all). Any suggestions as to what is causing the problem?
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