cpu notworking at correct speed

By Dinvan
Apr 6, 2004
  1. hi, i have just built my first comp, the specs are as follows

    Intel 845PE asrock mobo
    512MB 184DIMM PC2100 ram
    GF FX5200 256MB DDR VO DVI AGP
    P4 3.0 512Kb processor

    It will not run at 3.0ghz, it runs at 2ghz just fine....
    Ive tried increasing the cpu frequency and the comp will run at 3.0 ghz but it will then die as it reaches windows........says somthing about ram error.....

    please can anywone help me ?
  2. Dinvan

    Dinvan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sorry all, i know the problem, its the mobo, it only suports 3.0ghz 800mhz fbs when over clocked
    i shall go ask in the mod forum for anyone who can help with the oc'ing
  3. Moimit

    Moimit TS Rookie Posts: 76

    have you ever thought of upgrading your ram?. last time i thought you needed to have some ddr400(pc3200) ram for the 3.0ghz chip. it is a 800fsb chip. 266x? = 800. i dont think so. just ,my $0.02
  4. foulsoul

    foulsoul TS Rookie

    moimit that sounds about right, your ram is too slow for the chip.
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